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      “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s true. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.”
~ Joseph Campbell

Special thanks to Josh McCLain for the video.

Yoga - Meditation - Therapy - Plant Medicine Integration

Do you have the feeling that there is something beyond our day-to-day reality to explore? The sense that something richer, more alive, is waiting to be discovered? 


Are you willing to step further along the path of getting to know yourself better, of understanding this reality more clearly? Of opening yourself to discover some deeper layers of existence?



If you are ready for your life experiences on the purely physical plane to have more resonances within your own innermost being so that, in Joseph Campbell’s words, you actually feel “the rapture of being alive,” then I invite you to contact me directly for an introductory session. 


   Públio has a unique gift for quickly getting to the heart of things. He’s like a wizard who cuts a custom key for whatever tricky lock you may have, or think you have, standing in the way of deeper healing – and joy.


Emily Carr, Film and television writer in Los Angeles.

  Just listening to Publio’s voice brings such peace and joy, I urge you to spend as much time with him as possible, and find the love you should have received from your parents.

     Simon Amstell, English comedian, writer and director of the films Carnage and Benjamin.

     The authentic joy, love and compassion that Publio exudes can only come from a deep practice he has cultivated in really getting to know his true self.

     Moments with him are a gift and a refreshing mirror that invites a safe space of inquiry and understanding. His commitment to service and dynamic perspectives will add richness to anyone's path. 

  Deanna Rogers,

Plant Medicine Integration Facilitator 

       I have been meeting online with Publio  for over a year.

      He  is an extraordinarily gifted spiritual teacher and guide. 

     His compassion and insight is immeasurable.

     For someone so young, he has amassed a great wealth of knowledge and experience in this work and imparts it with generosity and passion.

      A born psychologist,  quick to laugh, full of warmth, he is a totally delightful human being, fun to spend time with.

I     I come away from every session feeling like a new person, more inspired and courageous. 

  Kate Woods,  
Film and Television Director.r 

          Públio embodies the ancient traditions of Yoga and Meditation in a way that speaks to our modern life and how to be human in our time.

        He has a special gift to cut through the stories and confusion of the mind and offer a clear and grounded fresh look at things. Whether we're working together, or I am his student, I always learn a lot about being real and being myself!

Juliana Bizare
Yoga and Meditation Teacher

      Sessions with Públio often feel like holding up a mirror to your face and taking a long hard look. His warmth, sharp listening skills and intuition make this process of introspection fruitful, even when it's hard.  

- Ernesto,
Journalist in Brazil

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